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FCC’s proposes inquiry on AI’s role in unwanted robocalls and texts

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Federal Issues

On October 20, FCC Chairwoman Rosenworcel announced a proposed inquiry for how artificial intelligence could impact unwanted robocalls and texts. If adopted during the Commission’s forthcoming public open meeting on November 15, 2023, this proposal will initiate an examination of how the use of AI technologies could impact regulation under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). Specifically, the inquiry would seek public comment on (i) how AI technology fits into the commission’s duties outlined in the TCPA; (ii) the circumstances under which future AI technology would fall under TCPA; (iii) the influence of AI on existing regulatory structures and the development of future policies; (iv) whether the commission should explore methods of verifying the legitimacy of AI-generated voice or text content from reliable sources; and (v) next steps.