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DFPI shares trends in consumer crypto complaints

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DFPI recently published a report on consumer crypto-related complaints collected through its new online complaint portal. According to the third-quarter 2023 CSO report, some of the most common complaints include (i) consumers being scammed into transferring digital assets from a legitimate crypto account to a fraudulent platform; (ii) consumers losing access to funds after transferring to an unknown wallet; (iii) consumers who invest in sham crypto investments by sending US dollars to a scammer’s platform, wallet, or bank; (iv) consumers making additional investments to scammers after receiving the first and only return; (v) consumers with concerns regarding their account activity on legitimate crypto platforms; and (vi) consumers approached by scammers via text message and social media. DFPI shared tips on how consumers can protect themselves against scams as well, noting that “[i]f it seems too good to be true, it probably is.”