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District Court dismisses FDCPA class action for lack of standing

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Recently, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York dismissed a class action lawsuit alleging that a debt collector’s (defendant) collection notice violated the FDCPA by including two different balances absent any explanation, leaving plaintiff confused and unable to pay the debt. Plaintiff also alleged she suffered emotional harm and expended time and money as a consequence of defendant’s letter.

The district court held that plaintiff’s “mere” allegations of wasted time, resources, and efforts after receiving the collection letter do not establish injury-in-fact. Furthermore, the allegations do not support standing because “the burdens of bringing a lawsuit cannot be the sole basis for standing.” Additionally, in response to claims of emotional harms, the district court found that the allegations are “virtually identical to those that have been rejected in other similar FDCPA cases.” Ultimately, the district court found that “[p]laintiff does not clearly allege facts that demonstrate standing to pursue her claims in federal court, and the Court consequently lacks jurisdiction over this action.”