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Tennessee amends consumer debt proceeding requirements and garnishment exemptions

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State Issues

On May 3, the Governor of Tennessee signed into law HB 2320 (the “Act”), which will amend pleading requirements for consumer debt suits and garnishment exemptions. The Act would require that, in a civil suit or arbitration requesting judgment on a consumer debt, the plaintiff creditor would provide the following in the initial pleading: (i) if the debtor’s agreement does not exist, then provide written evidence of the debtor’s agreement or a document provided to the debtor while the account was active; (ii) a statement that the debt has been transferred or assigned; (iii) the date of the transfer or assignment; (iv) the name of any prior holders of the debt; and (v) the name or a description of the original creditor. Additionally, the Act will amend Tennessee’s garnishment provisions to automatically exempt them from execution, seizure, or attachment funds up to $2,500 in a debtor’s deposit account with a bank or financial institution. The Act will go into effect on July 1.