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SEC provides companies the opportunity to review their diversity policies

Securities Securities Exchange Commission Diversity Diversity and Inclusion Assessments


On June 5, the SEC began its biennial collection of Diversity Self-Assessment Submissions from regulated entities. Regulated entities included, among others, brokers and dealers, investment advisers, and transfer agents. Notably, publicly-traded companies were not included. The Commission will provide organizations the opportunity to review their own diversity and inclusion policies for strengths, opportunities, and risks as part of the voluntary self-assessment. The data collection supported an interagency policy statement issued in 2015 which established joint standards for assessing regulated entities diversity policies and practices. The SEC used data from the submissions to assess and report on progress and trends in regulated entity diversity-related activities. Participation will be voluntary and will not be part of any examination process. Regulated entities may use the Diversity Self-Assessment Tool or submit self-assessments in another format.