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FDIC highlights inaccurate reporting of uninsured deposits by IDIs

Bank Regulatory Federal Issues FDIC Depository Institution Call Report Deposit Insurance

On July 24, the FDIC released a letter reporting that some insured depository institutions (IDIs) are not accurately reporting their estimated uninsured deposits as per the instructions on the Call Report. According to the letter, some IDIs are wrongly decreasing the reported amount based on the collateralization of uninsured deposits, even though the presence of collateral does not affect the portion covered by federal deposit insurance. The FDIC also noted that by excluding intercompany deposit balances of their subsidiaries, some IDIs are incorrectly reducing the reported amount of deposits on Schedule RC-O. The FDIC stated that “in reporting uninsured deposits, if an IDI has deposit accounts with balances in excess of the federal deposit insurance limit that it has collateralized by pledging assets…the IDI should make a reasonable estimate of the portion of these deposits that is uninsured using the data available from its information systems.” IDIs should refer to the general instructions for Call Reports on how to accurately submit data. The FDIC recommended that IDIs that have incorrectly reported uninsured deposits make appropriate changes to the data and submit a revised data file to the Central Data Repository.