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Utah amends provisions on notifications and definitions of commercial financing transactions

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State Issues

On March 13, the Governor of Utah signed into law SB 25, a bill that amended certain provisions related to commercial financing transactions, specifically repealing provisions related to disclosing commercial financing transactions and adding the requirement that a party subject to the notification requirement must submit evidence of registration with the NMLS. The bill also amended Section 7-27-101 of the Laws of Utah, to update the definition of the term “broker” and separate it from the term “provider.” Under Section 7-27-202, the bill removed certain disclosures for commercial financing transactions, including disclosures previously required for open-end credit plans after disbursing funds. Additionally, under Section 70C-1-302, the bill updated two more defined terms: “Commissioner” and “Nationwide database.” Lastly, under Section 70C-8-202, the bill amended certain notification requirements, specifically indicating the party shall file a notification via the NMLS, and such notification will be required annually on or before December 31. The bill will go into effect on May 1.